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The integration of the Internet with building energy management systems to create energy-efficient and IOT-driven “smart buildings”. Digital variable speed-limit signThe IoT can assist in the integration of communications, control, and information processing across various transportation systems. Application of the IoT extends to all aspects of transportation systems (i.e., the vehicle, the infrastructure, and the driver or user). More than just an industry buzzword, people are using IoT solutions in incredible ways to ensure human safety, environmental sustainability, and ease of living. We build apps and web systems that connect all the participants of smart healthcare environment—doctors, nurses, patients, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, foundations and researchers.

  • Unless you have the right resources, experience, and team members, creating an IoT app is no easy feat.
  • Digiteum offers Internet of Things software development services for smart home, smart building and smart city projects.
  • The technology has advanced much faster than the regulatory environment, so there are potential regulatory risks facing companies that are continuing to expand the range of Internet-connected devices.
  • Also known as IIoT, industrial IoT devices acquire and analyze data from connected equipment, operational technology , locations, and people.
  • We also integrate IoT software with third-party tools like CRM, ERP, web service monitors, and more.

Automobile dealers and makers now have a continuous relationship with customers. Rather than selling cars, they charge usage fees that offer ‘transportation-as-a-service’ with autonomous vehicles. Each component is essential in collecting, communicating, and processing data. Because of its constant growth, the size of the IoT is challenging to determine. It is projected to reach $622.21 billion this year and over three trillion dollars by 2030. Analytics systems will help to avoid threats, since they will make it possible to study consumer behavior on the network and track anomalies or suspicious activity in time.

IoT software for device management

We develop software to integrate precision farming, automation and predictive technologies to traditional farming processes. We can help you build IoT solutions to optimize supply chain and inventory management. Device management software we build enable better transparency, safety and efficiency of the client’s infrastructure operations. This Scalable Time Series Database is perfect for gathering metrics from sensor-based IoT systems; it can handle billions of data point and process thousands of new data points per second.

internet of things software development services

However, development of IoT systems often requires solving a range of architectural and technical challenges—connectivity, data security, scalability, stability, etc. We rely on our extensive 13+ years of experience and in-depth understanding of business and technologies to solve these challenges and build custom IoT software solutions that meet high market standards and stay relevant over time. Regardless of whether your product is for smart homes, industrial manufacturing/distribution environments, or enterprises, we have the solution for you!

Intentional obsolescence of devices

While GPS is the most widespread and reliable technology to deal with outdoor localization issues, in indoor scenarios it has a limited usage due to its limited accuracy due to the impact of obstacles on the received signals. The number of alternative indoor positioning systems have been proposed in the literature (Mainetti et al., 2014) that can be exploited in order to support AAL systems. Among all technologies, Bluetooth technology represents a valid alternative for indoor localization (Yapeng et al., 2013) or specifically in museums (Alletto et al., 2015). It is able to guarantee a low cost since it is integrated in most of daily used devices such as tablets and smart phones. The spread of the emerging Bluetooth Low Energy technology makes the BT also energy-efficient, which is a key requirement in many indoor applications. An interesting investigation regarding the state-of-the-art and adaptive AAL platforms for older adult assistance was provided in (Duarte et al., 2018).

internet of things software development services

These health monitoring devices can range from blood pressure and heart rate monitors to advanced devices capable of monitoring specialized implants, such as pacemakers, Fitbit electronic wristbands, or advanced hearing aids. Some hospitals have begun implementing “smart beds” that can detect when they are occupied and when a patient is attempting to get up. It can also adjust itself to ensure appropriate pressure and support are applied to the patient without the manual interaction of nurses. The Internet of things describes physical objects with sensors, processing ability, software and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet or other communications networks. The Internet of things is an example of Electronics & Communication and Computer Science engineering. “Internet of things” has been considered a misnomer because devices do not need to be connected to the public internet; they only need to be connected to a network, and be individually addressable.


After examining requirements, our analysts and developers devise a project proposal with the scope of works, team size, time, and cost estimates. Our experienced consultants will ensure the relevance and proper use of technologies in your project. Thanks to Innowise Group, we can bring significant software functions to the market earlier, which results in a higher number of customers who are willing to sign for our software solution. The resources were very helpful and communicative, and they demonstrated an impressive determination and eagerness to solve problems. Based on the collected requirements, our designers create a wireframe of the future solution and demonstrate it to the client. Enterprises of all sizes can benefit from more precise and timely operational processes, including resource planning, inventory management, warehouse administration, and shipping tracking.

An alternative view, from the world of the Semantic Web focuses instead on making all things (not just those electronic, smart, or RFID-enabled) addressable by the existing naming protocols, such as URI. The objects themselves do not converse, but they may now be referred to by other agents, such as powerful centralised servers acting for their human owners. Integration with the Internet implies that devices will use an IP address as a distinct identifier. To a large extent, the future of the Internet of things will not be possible without the support of IPv6; and consequently, the global adoption of IPv6 in the coming years will be critical for the successful development of the IoT in the future. IoT-based smart home technology monitors health data of patients or aging adults by analyzing their physiological parameters and prompt the nearby health facilities when emergency medical services needed.

Need a technological solution?

Digiteum offers internet of things software development for smart home, smart building and smart city projects. We understand the importance of alignment between a customer and a vendor in such a technically complex industry as IoT. That is why primarily we conduct a comprehensive consultation, agree on project scope, budget, and schedule, and create plans for integrating your solution with hardware devices and third-party software products.

Study discussed legislative for electricity consumption for the case of the Polish residential sector. Lack of legislative was detected and mainly in the smart metering solutions that are slowing down development of the smart infrastructure. There is necessity for the new regulations to ensure adaptability to the novel desired goals towards smart cities. Development of the novel business models is important to ensure smart driven business in the energy sector. The case of the smart energy driven model was elaborated in (Chasin et al., 2020) as well as implications and necessary changes in the energy sector.

IoT technologies in sustainable energy and environment

Implementing a complex IoT solution with cloud management and multiple connected systems will need unique skills and expertise. At Softura, we are armed with an expert team of professionals who can complete a project and deliver it without causing any disruption to your business. We operate under Build-Transfer and Build-Operate delivery models to ensure that your operations and delivery get the flexibility it needs.

In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is preparing cybersecurity guidelines and a database of best practices to make automotive computer systems more secure. Some scholars and activists argue that the IoT can be used to create new models of civic engagement if device networks can be open to user control and inter-operable platforms. Philip N. Howard, a professor and author, writes that political life in both democracies and authoritarian regimes will be shaped by the way the IoT will be used for civic engagement. For that to happen, he argues that any connected device should be able to divulge a list of the “ultimate beneficiaries” of its sensor data and that individual citizens should be able to add new organisations to the beneficiary list.

IoT Development Services

From manufacturing and logistics, to fintech and healthcare, brands will make more use of IoT than ever before. One of the key functions of corporate leadership is deciding which initiatives are going to move forward and which ones need to be tabled. For an IT department to be successful, an effective approach to prioritization is key. Modern antivirus software helps protect data from ransomware, spyware, Trojan horses, browser hijackers and various other cyber threats.


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