Production Features of the LEGO Business


The Seglar brick is mostly a classic toy that adults or kids alike can’t acquire enough of. Its basic design and intuitive construction allows kids to create anything at all they picture, from small robots and cars to larger-scale structures just like cities and castles.

Seglar is also a corporation that prices creativity and the imagination. The employees must bring their particular ideas to the table when designing new products, and its particular customers : called AFOLs or perhaps “adult enthusiasts of LEGO” – are invited to participate in the development process.

Founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the SEGLAR company was named for 2 Danish key phrases: lego and godt, meaning “play well. ” The wooden playthings that made up the early numerous years of the business were a major element of the success of the claims, but a warehouse hearth destroyed them in 1960, creating Lego managers to focus solely on the Seglar construction program.

As the Lego Program gained in popularity, so did the company’s international improvement. In 1956 the first overseas sales additional was created in Germany, as well as offices in Switzerland, France, and Sweden.

In the late 1960s, Profano restructured its surgical treatments. Its head office were shifted from Billund, Denmark, to Copenhagen, and supervision was decentralized. The original representative, Ole Kirk Kristiansen, continued to be in charge of the company.

The company’s key product continued to be the Profano brick, but it really began to develop various other types of products to compete with additional construction toy companies. These kinds of included pieces that merged the LEGO packet with other components, such as tires and power generators, and the Mini figure line.


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