The 4 pillars of remote collaboration


One of the biggest factors for a remote collaborationful workplace is whether or not employees can perform well as a team. Effective collaboration relies on maintaining strong, regular communication and incorporating tools that allow you to breach geographic, operational, and affinity distance. In this article, we’ve compiled the top expert-tested strategies and tips for building and maintaining strong collaboration in a remote work environment. However you choose to ensure universal participation, whether it be individual meetings or neweffective meeting strategies, you’ll have the end result as thanks. Especially when it comes to smaller teams, the more voices heard and opinions in the mix will only serve to strengthen the final output.

Noticing commitment and hard work is a good way to recognize people’s small wins and thank them for making the team better. Remote collaboration must emphasize the intentional creation of non-work spaces and places people can interact on personal terms. This could be planned activities, dedicated channels, or structured weeks to provide time off.

What is Invoice Management Automation (And How to Get Started)

Its intuitive workspace allows for interactive screen-sharing of open applications or an entire screen during video conference calls. In addition, users can host unlimited video meetings on a free plan, though the Pro plan unlocks features like adding your company branding, webinar live streaming and recording transcripts. GitHub enables chats, voice, and video conferencing between remote team members collaborating on a project.

  • Universal participation engages teams in a way that uplifts the voices of team members who don’t usually contribute and provides a forum for everyone to interact equally.
  • Simply attach Wrike tasks to Microsoft OneDrive files, and you’re done.
  • Diagramming can be a method that teams use to create boundaries about what requires assistance and what has a documented number of existing solutions.
  • While you can never replace the growth that takes place when people work on projects together, you can encourage collaboration and build morale with team building activities and games.
  • Chantyis a popular pick for those who want a team chat solution that’s both simple and intuitive.
  • Meetings are not only for being in constant communication with your remote team but also, they can help to raise the team spirit and boost productivity.

The teleworker can then remotely follow the schedule in its entirety, with a detailed view of appointments, tasks, operations, and other activities carried out by employees. Specifically designed for B2B revenue teams, Chili Piper is designed to integrate seamlessly into your sales funnel for easy client consultation scheduling and communication. No project can succeed without a good schedule, but calendar management can be an absolute beast.

Invest in the right tools for collaboration

Instead of meetings, the tool features a document editor with mentions and version control that allow real-time addition of comments, edits, and revisions. Remote teams from any location or time zone can access files, complete tasks, and generate solutions in real time. This software also allows managers to document their decisions so that the right people, including team leaders, members, and external partners, can find them on time.

For example, when it comes to business planning management, being able to organise and monitor a remote work schedule becomes a major benefit. Whether you’re trying to build an app or design an immersive cinematic world, we’ve compiled our top 20 favorite remote collaboration tools that can help your team work better together. Connecting with your team and building company culture is only possible through shared understanding and experiences — the work that builds trust.

Rotate Team Members for Different Projects

Get your virtual team on the same page with the 8 remote team collaboration strategies in this guide. “Remote work certainly changed the workplace dynamic, but it does not cause isolation — that happens because of poor management. In the virtual world, companies must adapt so their work culture is well converted to the online sphere,” he said. He added that a company culture is evidenced by the way employees and employers of a company interact with each other, and most of all, how people feel about working in the company. 🎉 By now, you’ve raised your awareness of the nine common problems of meetings and you’re on track to avoid them. You’re bringing visual collaboration and guided methods to bring play into your meetings and focus your team’s imagination.

  • MURALis very useful for those remote teams that love to work with maps, diagrams, and notes.
  • You should go into every meeting with an agenda and a clear plan for what you want to achieve.
  • For only $22/month you can use theNextivamobile app to make unlimited calls to anyone in the US and Canada.
  • This allows people to work from the comfort of their own home and companies to find the best talent regardless of where they live.

When you work in the same physical place, like an office, everyone there automatically has a common experience. Even just seeing your co-workers across the office, whether you talk to them or not, brings a sense of togetherness — that you’re working together toward common goals. Whether it’s at the watercooler or during moments between meetings, there’s a layer of engagement that exists in-person, a layer that’s easy to take for granted — until it’s gone. Simplify workflows, automate mundane tasks and ensure employees are happy in the workplace? Then you need to build the right tech stack that will support your team.


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