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TrustBooks provides comprehensive Trust/IOLTA accounting with three-way reconciliation, trust audit reports and more. TrustBooks is cloud-based which means you run it from a web browser. Juris comes in two packages, Juris Core (it’s more entry-level product) and Juris Suite, it’s more comprehensive edition. Both come with rich accounting and a strong set of financial and billing reports. A Private Cloud will host your desktop-based legal software, documents and data in the cloud. Get the reliability, security and mobility of the cloud without sacrificing your software.

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  • Any accounting software with a general ledger should offer this feature.
  • Small and upcoming law firms will find FreeAgent a great match as they work to thrive in the industry.
  • Hopefully, you will find the best software program that is the right fit for your legal services.

Moreover, law firms can gain a more detailed understanding of financial health and determine which areas are needed to improve. Accurate data is an invaluable starting point for growing law firms or legal professionals looking to optimize their accounting processes. How useful that data will be depends a lot on what capabilities your accounting software supports, how it integrates with your other legal software, and what reporting features it has.

How to Use Timeslips & QuickBooks in the Cloud in 2023

Cloud-based software (as opposed to on premises) means you can use your solution from anywhere, and that you are always getting updates for the latest features. And while some technology providers help with setup, ongoing support ensures that if any problems do arise, you’ll be up and running again quickly. The most advanced accounting solution is worth next to nothing if it’s not convenient to use. Make sure when looking at attorney accounting software to not only look at the list of features but to actually see and demo them in action. This means the ability to accept credit card or echeck payments within your accounting software, either through its own payment portal or via a third-party integration like PayPal or Square. With FreshBooks accounting software you’ll know at-a-glance how long tasks really take.

With FreshBooks accounting software, you can easily add tracked time and expenses to your invoices so you’ll never leave money on the table again. Capturing every minute of billable work is critical for accurate law firm billing and, ultimately, profitability. Lawyers can benefit from effective and easy-to-use time-tracking features—like multiple time-tracking capabilities from QuickBooks with Clio Manage. Although you could get by with law firm bookkeeping using just a general ledger package software for your law firm, you will most likely want another software designed specifically for legal practices. An industry-specific software option will help you manage your firm more effectively and efficiently. This, in turn, will make you more profitable and free your time to do the work you love to do, rather than spend hours overseeing and managing your firm’s administrative functions.

Xero: top law accounting software for small growing businesses

There are many reasons why your records may not match the bank’s, including processing errors, service fees charged, or posting errors. This is why bank reconciliation is done in the first place because discrepancies are so common. When you know exactly where your law firm’s money is, it’s easier to identify what parts of your firm are successful and where you’re struggling, to make more informed and strategic business decisions. Uptime Practice is a suite of products that help hundreds of law firms streamline their technology, work anywhere, and move their practice to the cloud. Small and medium law firms have a lot to benefit from this software, as well as solo accountants working for multiple clients.

If you’re looking at law firm accounting and financial management software, it’s important to consider that the standard options out there, such as Quickbooks, may not be enough on their own. Ideally, you want legal accounting software that allows you to handle bookkeeping and accounting tasks together, to ensure that the information from both is considered in final reports. There are a ton of legal accounting software offerings available, but not all of them are created equal. Accounting for law firms has unique requirements for trust accounting, billing, and more. While general accounting software may work, choosing accounting software that’s designed for law firms will be vastly more useful.


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